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Would you like to know why "doing your spiritual work" is so important to you as a human being, no matter what love-based spiritual path you may be on?

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Through Spiritual Counseling,
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Let Michael help you get in touch with Spirit,
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Love can change your life! :)

What is Spiritual Counseling
by Michael?!?

Why Spiritual Counseling?

Let us first do as the ancient Greeks would suggest, and define our terms! Here are two short definitions…

A general, philosophical definition:

Spiritual Counseling by Michael is a universal spiritual approach to counseling which focuses upon processing, healing, transformation and problem solving, utilizing spiritual tools, listening and feedback, prayer and meditation (in whatever form is acceptable to you), goal setting, and effective scheduling!

An operational definition:

Spiritual Counseling by Michael will help you to learn to develop a schedule or daily life which incorporates connecting to the Divine, as you perceive of the Divine. Then, utilizing that time you will begin to heal, release ambivalence, achieve clarity, get focused and employ some powerful spiritual tools (which Michael has discovered, or which you yourself might discover in your own life or study). Then you will begin to experience the joy of watching the Divine work in your life, as the miraculous becomes the everyday for you! -Michael D. Purvis

Ok, now that we have defined our terms, lets speak a bit more about this thing called spiritual counseling. Well, to begin with, this form of counseling is a relatively new technique and yet timeless…

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Spiritual Counseling
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Since the dawn of time, folks have sought the advice, help or counsel of someone focused on the spiritual. People might visit a minister or priest for advice or counsel. Or they might seek out the aid of a person they consider wise and holy. And of course when one becomes a part of any love-based religion, faith, or belief system, they are in a sense putting themselves in a great river of guidance which stems from the tradition of that faith or religion.

We all have heard of counseling or therapy, and are doubtless aware that this is a relatively new phenomenon which has come about since the dawn of Freud and his successors.

Perhaps we might say that psychoanalysis is the modernist response to the "decline"of religion or the notion that "God is dead." It has indeed been said that 'God is dead,' and yet we humans seem to need some 'higher power' to turn to- it is our nature!

And though some people say 'God is dead,' it is curious that there has been such a ground swell of psychotherapy and analysis since the inception of this technique in the twentieth century. We might indeed go to a therapist or psychologist (in many ways our modern replacement for the priest or minister) to work on grief or childhood or addiction issues. Or we might go to that priest or minister for guidance. But Spiritual Counseling is a bit different…

Spiritual Counseling may touch upon childhood issues, grief or addiction, but its primary focus is on seeing a spiritual (and thus amazingly effective and powerful) way to lead us toward peace, harmony and fulfillment in ourselves and our world.

With spiritual counseling the focus is less on understanding where we came from, or processing things which are eating us up in side. Rather, it focuses upon releasing these things (with help from spirit!).

Understanding that these things do not define us, and we are not them is so important. We are not our past! There may things from our past which have been very painful, and indeed conventional therapy is very helpful in processing these things. Traditional therapy may be undertaken along with Spiritual Counseling where a professional therapist or psychologist is needed it is important that these be consulted.

But whether or not traditional psychotherapy is sought, Spiritual Counseling can help you to put yourself and your life in the arena of the spiritual, and this is very helpful. Spiritual Counseling will help you learn to design a life which makes time for spirit and all it can do for us. It will help us to see all we can do for others and for our world too. And this journey of discovery is so fulfilling and joyful.

By putting spiritual practice (however we might define "spiritual" or "practice"), we allow the divine to begin to work in us. And when that wondrous force of love we call "the Divine" is given permission to work in us and in our lives, when we moderns and post moderns "make time" for the Divine, when we begin to heal, release ambivalence, get focused and achieve clarity inside- watch out! Great things begin to happen. In effect, the miraculous truly does begin to become for us the everyday, and oh what a joy revelation this is!

So What Exactly is Spiritual Counseling?
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Who is Michael, and how did he come
to offer Spiritual Counseling?
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About the Author...
Michael D. Purvis, BME, is a graduate of Butler University and is the founder of three outreaches, a recording studio and a publishing company. A life-long student and seeker of truth, Mr. Purvis is an accomplished author, fine artist, recording artist, and teacher of many subjects to people of all ages, from childhood through elderhood. His artistic, instructional and entrepreneurial endeavors include: life-coaching, teaching private piano, voice and guitar, performing uplifting programs for the elderly, composing, recording, writing and illustrating. His wide and ever-evolving selection of books and recordings delight, uplift and instruct people of all ages, and feature his original self-help and musical instruction, fiction, poetry, musical renditions and compositions, and artwork. Michael's materials are available worldwide, through Music-Outreach Publishing and can be obtained via,, and


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